Upload Your Data

Uploading your data to DonorMailers is a breeze.

You only need to provide name, address, and custom values required by the package like "Highest Previous Contribution (HPC)".

Once all of your data is uploaded, DonorMailers will perform the following processes to get your data mail-ready:

  • CASS/DPV/Vacancy Address Verification - standardizes and validates all addresses to ensure deliverability
  • 18/48-month NCOA Processing - updates all your file with the most recent moves
  • Duplicate Identification - identifies duplicates using our 12-level matching process
  • Household Processing - allows you to group, merge, or split records to have the best addresses possible

All of these services are included for free as part of your mailing.

Once all steps are complete and you have reviewed your Mail-Ready Report, you can move on to the next step » Design