Send & Track Award-Winning Postal Mail Right From Your Desktop

DonorMailers is an easy to use direct mail application with built-in data hygiene for your donor lists, predefined non-profit mailing packages, the highest deliverability rates, and real-time tracking of all mail pieces.

Now you can upload, design, send, and track all of your acknowledgements, anniversary, and thank-you letters and cards with a click of a button.

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Upload your donor list directly to DonorMailers. We will perform CASS/DPV/NCOA (18/48-month) for free and walk you through the process of getting your list mail-ready.

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Design your mailing based on one of our predefined packages created by industry leaders Roger Craver and Lisa Sargent. Combine data from your donor list and make an impact with each mailing.

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Our Mail Manager ™ gives you control over your mail schedule, additional postage options, and allows you to preview your entire mailing which helps you save time and money.

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With full USPS ® Intelligent Mail ® Barcode tracking, you'll know when your mailing has been delivered. This allows you to schedule follow-ups and other communications with confidence like never before.

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